Can Using Nicotine Patches and Gum Help You Quit Smoking?


If the problem people have with quitting smoking is that they are addicted to nicotine, why would they want to put more of what you’re addicted to in your body in the form of patches or gum as your attempt to quit? That would be like an alcoholic taking seven shots of Jack Daniels and a six-pack of Bud a day in their quest to quit drinking.

I believe you need to come from a completely opposite philosophy and perspective. I believe you must flush the nicotine that is already in your body, out. The nicotine levels in the body dictate the levels of cravings a smoker experiences, so the nicotine must be removed. Secondly, there must be a calming substitute in the body to replace the calming feeling that nicotine creates so they aren’t quitting cold turkey. Thirdly, you must deal with the habitual behavior. is a pure informational resource where you will find further information on how to quit smoking.

Quit Smoking Tip – How to Manage Cravings With Herbs

One of the difficulties in trying to quit smoking is that smokers become physically dependent on nicotine. Smoking affects the parts of the brain that relate to reward and pleasure. It increases the amount of the neurotransmitter, dopamine, and the nature of nicotine is that it creates a cycle of positive reinforcement within your brain that makes you want more.

Scientists have found that when you withdraw from chronic nicotine use, it results in changes in these neural pleasure pathways. And the effect on the brain is similar to what someone addicted to cocaine, opiates and other drugs experiences. Hence, depression and anxiety are common.

Fortunately, some resourceful modern herbalists began applying traditional knowledge to a modern problem. In Ayurvedic medicine, common garden variety oats (but not oat straw), is used to treat opium withdrawal. The herbalist Anand, using a tincture (an alcoholic extract of the herb), applied this same reasoning to nicotine withdrawal, with significant results.

In a group of 26 heavy smokers, he gave an oat tincture, and in another group of 26, he gave a placebo. The group who took the oat tincture smoked less cigarettes, and this effect remained for two months after they stopped treatment. The herbalist Weiss theorizes that it is the sedative effect of oats. Oats contain as active constituents the indole alkaloid, gramine, and the alkaloids avenine and trigonelline. Oats are described in herbal medicine texts as helping create a feeling of well-being whilst simultaneously acting as a tonic to the nervous system. But unlike narcotics, these are mild, non-habit forming effects.

My herbal teacher, Ses Salmond, suggested the following formula for those trying to stop smoking. In a 50ml bottle, mix the following herbal tinctures:


  • 15ml green oats
  • 10ml white horehound
  • 10ml mullein
  • 5ml golden seal
  • 10ml peppermint


Take 6 drops on the tongue whenever the craving to have a cigarette is felt.

Acupuncture is also an excellent support option. HerbMed offers the following herbal option, to be used on appropriate acupuncture points. Mix oil of cloves, oil of wintergreen, an extract of evodia fruit, an extract of sichuan lovage rhizome, and msg, and apply to specific acupuncture points. Unfortunately, they don’t say which acupuncture points, but this may be determined by what each person presents with.

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A Psychological Approach To Quit Smoking

Smoking habits in most cases have to do with psychological addiction. It is not the lack of nicotine that represents the hardest obstacle to quit smoking. Though overcoming the physical cravings for nicotine can be difficult, overcoming psychological addiction to smoking can be even more challenging. A couple of weeks after you have stopped smoking, your body doesn’t crave nicotine anymore, which means that the physical addiction is over. What remains is the physical manifestation of tobacco addiction, and this often seems so challenging that it sets aside the power of your own mind.

Which characteristics does psychological smoking addictions have? You’ll feel an overwhelming desire to light up a cigarette. Some people may even lie to their friends and family regarding their smoking cut, or even beg and steal to get their hands on a cigarette. You’ll feel that you no longer have a choice and every minute of the day is governed by your inner urges for cigarets. The addiction can be so strong that you are willing to relieve them even if they hurt your family, career, and financial security.

How is it possible to get motivation to get off of this very destructive path?

You can get help from a professional to break your smoking habits and get rid of your addiction now and for the rest of your life. You may feel that this is too expensive or you don’t have time and so on. Well, now that the internet has come you have no excuses anymore. More and more companies establish themselves on the web and those also include professional addiction help companies. They can offer programs to help you stop smoking and release you from your tobacco addictions with nicotine patches, anti-smoking pills, nicotine gums or psychological programs.

In most of these programs you will be encouraged to take some certain actions every day, both as exercises and in your daily life. The purpose with most of these programs is to motivate people addicted to cigarets to increase their willpower incrementally, by taking these daily moments as the program prescribes.

The first thing I will recommend is that you sit down, relax and seriously take a look at your life and realize how important it is to keep yourself out of the tobacco addictive loop. When you feel you are starting to get motivated, go online and search for stop smoking products. I wish you good luck.

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